Return Of The League

Newmarket Darts League starts up again next Friday night the 2nd of October for the 2015-2016 season. Please be aware team captains must be in Scanlons at 9 o’clock Friday night to pay up for the year. As already stated, if the money isn’t handed up Friday night then that teams 1st league game will be put down as a 9-0 loss.

Eight teams will be contesting the league again this year. The teams are:

  1. Park Bar
  2. Dark Horse
  3. Sheehans
  4. Scanlons
  5. Dans
  6. Scarteen Stud
  7. Rock Bar
  8. Scullys

The league would like to thank Kieran Lehane, Dan O’Halloran and William Lehane for their long service in running the league over the past five years.

Very best of luck to all teams again this year and don’t forget to familiarise yourself with the rules for the year.

The fixtures for Friday night the 2nd of October are:

Date Stage Venue Match
2015/10/02 League: Week 1 Scanlons Sheehans v Scanlons
2015/10/02 League: Week 1 Dark Horse Dark Horse v Dans

A full list is available on the Fixtures page.