Player Replacement Rule

On the 13th of November last, the eight team captains voted unanimously to introduce a rule to allow a player who has become unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, to be replaced for the remainder of the season. The rule in detail is as follows and comes into affect immediately:

Replacement Rule

A team can replace one player for the remainder of a season, due to the unavailability of that player, as a result of unforeseen circumstances.

  • If the player to be replaced has played at least one game (singles / doubles), the player must contact the committee & agree with the change.

  • The replaced player cannot play again in that season for any team.

  • Once nominated, the new player becomes final and cannot be changed.

  • The new player cannot have been in another team in the same season.

  • The new player must participate in at least three league match nights to be eligible for the knockout stages of the league (Playing at least a single or a double game is considered participation, being present does not.).

  • If a team did not have the full eight members by the first game of the season, any new player after that date counts as the replacement.

A full list of rules is available on the Rules page.