Focus switches to Diarmuid O'Brien Cup

This Friday, the 25th of October, the Darts league switches format to the Cup. The Knockout competition, named after the late Diarmuid O’Brien, begins at the quarter final stage, with Dans playing Scanlons and The Wanderers entertaining The Hi-Street. Diarmuid was instrumental in the league’s creation in 2003 and played for his bar, The Arch Tavern, for many years. League folklore has it that he threw the first three darts for his team on the opening night, scoring 140 points, thus setting a standard we are still chasing. Matches get underway at 9:30pm in Dans and Scanlons respectively. Week league three results - Rock Bar 3-6 Wanderers, Dans 4-5 Hi-Street, Scanlons 5-4 Scullys.