Close contests in week 9

It was a night of close contests in the Darts on Friday night last, as first played second, third took on fourth and fifth battled with sixth. Unsurprisingly, all fixtures had something to play for as they entered the final pairings. Having trailed The Wanderers for much of the match, The Hi-Street came from 4-2 down to win 5-4 and cement top spot in the league. In the mid-table clash, Scanlons came from 5-1 to earn a 5-4 losing bonus point at Dans. While in the other fixture, Scullys took that last two matches to win 5-4 against The Rock Bar. The league now takes a week off, before returning again on the 31st of January.

Results: Wanderers 4-5 Hi-Street @ Scanlons; Rock Bar 4-5 Scullys @ Rock Bar; Dans 5-4 Scanlons @ Dans

180s: Eugene O’Neill (Hi-Street); Ger O’Sullivan (Wanderers)

Match Details: Wanderers 4-5 Hi-Street - Singles (3-3): Seanie Francis O’Connor 2-1 John Corkery; Matty Fitzpatrick 2-0 Jeremy Lynch; David Kelly 0-2 Eugene O’Neill; Shane Buckley 2-1 Jim Ballantyne; Ger O’Sullivan 1-2 Alan Ballantyne; Denis Collins 1-2 Tom O’Connor Doubles (1-2): David Kelly/Ger O’Sullivan 0-2 John Corkery/Jeremy Lynch; Seanie Francis O’Connor/Matty Fitzpatrick 2-1 Jim Ballantyne/Eugene O’Neill; John Murphy/Shane Buckley 0-2 Alan Ballantyne/Tom O’Connor

Rock Bar 4-5 Scullys - Singles (3-3): Dan O’Halloran 0-2 Mike O’Shea; Ben Weathers 2-1 Gavin Keane; Tadhg O’Keeffe 0-2 John McAuliffe; Pat Kelly 2-0 Declan O’Connell; John Cronin 2-0 Patrick Angland; PJ O’Keeffe 1-2 Dermot McCarthy Doubles (1-2): PJ O’Keeffe/Tadhg O’Keeffe 1-2 Declan O’Connell/Patrick Angland; John Cronin/Ben Weathers 2-1 John McAuliffe/Jim McAuliffe; Dan O’Halloran/Pat Kelly 1-2 Dermot McCarthy/Mike O’Shea

Dans 5-4 Scanlons - Singles (3-3): Andy Hourigan 1-2 Bernard Dugdale; TJ Bodie 2-1 Billy Newman; Dan O’Halloran 2-0 Brian Daly; Danny Hourigan 2-0 Allan Dugdale; Tim Hourigan 1-2 John Doody; Peter Foley 0-2 Bob Kennedy Doubles (2-1): Dan O’Halloran/Danny Hourigan 2-0 Bob Kennedy/Brendan Dugdale; Andy Hourigan/TJ Bodie 2-1 John Doody/Bernard Dugdale; Peter Foley/Tim Hourigan 1-2 Allan Dugdale/Billy Newman