Wins for top 3 in penultimate round

There were wins for the top three teams in the penultimate round of the darts league regular season, on Friday night last. The Wanderers emerged victorious against Scanlons 9-0 at the team’s shared venue. The competition was much closer than the scoreline suggested, with each of the first six matches going to a deciding leg. Dan’s defeated Scullys Bar 6-3, with one of the highlights of the match being an excellent 143 finish by John McAuliffe (Scullys). The last tie of the weekend saw table toppers, Hi-Street complete an 8-1 win against the Rock Bar. Next week is the final round of fixtures before the knockout stages. Scanlons take on Hi-Street at home, while Dans go head to head with The Rock Bar.

High Finishes: John McAuliffe (Scullys): 143 (T20, T17, D16)

Scanlons 0-9 Wanderers - Singles (0-6): Allan Dugdale 1-2 Matty Fitzpatrick; Bernard Dugdale 1-2 Shane Buckley; Billy Newman 1-2 Denis Collins; Brian Daly 1-2 John Murphy; Brendan Dugdale 0-2 Seanie Francis O’Connor; Mick Lynch 0-2 Ger O’Sullivan Doubles (0-3): Allan Dugdale/Brendan Dugdale 1-2 John Murphy/Shane Buckley; Bernard Dugdale/Billy Newman 1-2 Ger O’Sullivan/Matty Fitzpatrick; Mick Lynch/Brian Daly 0-2 David Kelly/Seanie Francis O’Connor

Scullys 3-6 Dans - Singles (2-4): Patrick Angland 0-2 Paddy O’Halloran; John McAuliffe 1-2 Dan O’Halloran; Dermot McCarthy 2-0 Stephen Stokes; Mike O’Shea 2-1 TJ Bodie; Jim McAuliffe 0-2 Andy Hourigan; Gavin Keane 0-2 Tim Hourigan Doubles (1-2): John McAuliffe/Patrick Angland 0-2 Dan O’Halloran/TJ Bodie; Dermot McCarthy/Gavin Keane 1-2 Danny Hourigan/Tim Hourigan; Mike O’Shea/Jim McAuliffe 2-0 Peter Foley/Paddy O’Halloran

Hi-Street 8-1 Rock Bar - Singles (6-0): John Corkery 2-1 Tadhg O’Keeffe; Jeremy Lynch 2-0 Dan O’Halloran; Eugene O’Neill 2-1 Ben Weathers; Jim Ballantyne 2-0 PJ O’Keeffe; Alan Ballantyne 2-0 John Cronin; Tom O’Connor 2-1 Pat Kelly Doubles (2-1): John Corkery/Jeremy Lynch 2-0 PJ O’Keeffe/Tadhg O’Keeffe; Jim Ballantyne/Eugene O’Neill 0-2 John Cronin/Ben Weathers; Alan Ballantyne/Tom O’Connor 2-0 Kevin O’Connor/Pat Kelly