League section ends with wins for Hi-Street and Dans

The regular season of the league came to a finish on Friday night last, with wins for Hi-Street and Dans over Scanlons and The Rock Bar respectively. The results confirmed the pairings for the knockout stages, Hi-Street taking on Scanlons and The Wanderers playing Dans in the “A” semi finals. The “B” final, which is a repeat of last year, will be contested by Scullys and The Rock Bar.

Scanlons 1-8 Hi-Street - Singles (1-5): Bernard Dugdale 0-2 John Corkery; Brendan Dugdale 0-2 Cillian O’Connor; John Doody 1-2 Eugene O’Neill; Brian Daly 0-2 Jim Ballantyne; Bob Kennedy 2-1 Alan Ballantyne; Billy Newman 1-2 Tom O’Connor. Doubles (0-3): Bernard Dugdale/Brian Daly 1-2 Jim Ballantyne/John Corkery; John Doody/Billy Newman 0-2 Cillian O’Connor/Eugene O’Neill; Bob Kennedy/Mick Lynch 0-2 Alan Ballantyne/Jeremy Lynch. 180s: - John Corkery (Hi-Street).

Dans 8-1 Rock Bar - Singles (5-1): Tim Hourigan 2-0 Dan O’Halloran; Dan O’Halloran 2-0 John Cronin; TJ Bodie 2-0 Pat Kelly; Danny Hourigan 2-0 Tadhg O’Keeffe; Andy Hourigan 2-0 Ben Weathers; Peter Foley 0-2 PJ O’Keeffe. Doubles (3-0): Tim Hourigan/Andy Hourigan 2-1 John Cronin/Ben Weathers; Dan O’Halloran/TJ Bodie 2-0 PJ O’Keeffe/Tadhg O’Keeffe; Peter Foley/Danny Hourigan 2-0 Kevin O’Connor/Dan O’Halloran.