Tables - 2016-2017

League Table1

Team Played Won Lost Game Diff Bonus Points
Park Bar 12 11 1 64 (86-22) 1 23
Hi-Street 12 9 3 2 (55-53) 1 19
Scarteen Stud 12 7 5 14 (61-47) 3 17
Dans 12 6 6 10 (59-49) 4 16
Scanlons 12 7 5 0 (54-54) 2 16
Rock Bar 12 2 10 -36 (36-72) 3 7
Scullys 12 0 12 -54 (27-81) 0 0

League High Finishes2

Name (Team) Checkout Finish
Noel Lynam (Park Bar) 120 T20, S20, D20
Allan Dugdale (Hi-Street) 118 S20, T20, D19
Bernard Dugdale (Scanlons) 116 T20, S16, D20
Mark O’Sullivan (Scanlons) 116 S20, T20, D18
Brian Daly (Scarteen Stud) 110 T20, S18, D16
Brian Daly (Scarteen Stud) 109 S20, T19, D16
Allan Dugdale (Hi-Street) 108 T20, S16, D16
Mike O’Connor (Park Bar) 104 T20, S12, D16
Patrick Angland (Scullys) 101 T20, S5, D18

League 180s3

Name (Team) Count
Bernard Dugdale (Scanlons) 1
Brian Daly (Scarteen Stud) 1
Dan O’Halloran (Dans) 1
Dan Ward (Park Bar) 1
Dermot McCarthy (Rock Bar) 1
Jer Lynch (Park Bar) 1
Mark O’Sullivan (Scanlons) 1
Mick Lynch (Scanlons) 1
Noel Lynam (Park Bar) 1
Patrick Angland (Scullys) 1
Shane Buckley (Scullys) 1
William Lehane (Scanlons) 1

Player Of The League Table4

Position Name (Team) Points (Played) Details
1 Noel Lynam (Park Bar) 31 (12) 2-1:Rock Bar(a), 2-1:Scanlons(h), 2-0:Hi-Street(h), 2-0:Scarteen Stud(a), 2-0:Dans(a), 2-0:Scullys(a), 2-0:Rock Bar(h), 2-0:Scanlons(a), 2-0:Scullys(h), 2-0:Dans(h), 2-0:Hi-Street(a)
2 Dan O’Halloran (Dans) 27 (11) 2-1:Rock Bar(h), 2-0:Scanlons(h), 2-0:Scullys(a), 2-1:Scarteen Stud(h), 2-0:Hi-Street(a), 2-0:Rock Bar(a), 2-0:Scanlons(a), 2-1:Scarteen Stud(a), 2-1:Hi-Street(h), 2-1:Park Bar(a), 2-1:Scullys(h)
3 Eugene O’Neill (Park Bar) 26 (12) 2-1:Rock Bar(a), 2-0:Scanlons(h), 2-0:Hi-Street(h), 1-2:Scarteen Stud(a), 2-1:Dans(a), 2-0:Scullys(a), 2-0:Rock Bar(h), 1-2:Scanlons(a), 2-1:Scullys(h), 2-0:Scarteen Stud(h), 1-2:Dans(h), 2-1:Hi-Street(a)
  Ger O’Sullivan (Hi-Street) 26 (12) 1-2:Scanlons(a), 2-0:Scullys(h), 2-0:Scarteen Stud(a), 2-0:Dans(h), 2-0:Rock Bar(h), 2-0:Scullys(a), 2-1:Scarteen Stud(h), 2-0:Dans(a), 2-0:Rock Bar(a), 2-1:Park Bar(h)
5 Danny Hourigan (Dans) 25 (12) 2-0:Rock Bar(h), 1-2:Scanlons(h), 2-0:Scullys(a), 2-0:Scarteen Stud(h), 2-0:Hi-Street(a), 1-2:Park Bar(h), 2-1:Rock Bar(a), 2-0:Scanlons(a), 2-1:Scarteen Stud(a), 1-2:Park Bar(a), 2-0:Scullys(h)
  James O’Brien (Scarteen Stud) 25 (11) 2-0:Scullys(a), 2-0:Hi-Street(h), 1-2:Park Bar(h), 2-0:Scanlons(a), 2-0:Rock Bar(h), 2-1:Scullys(h), 2-0:Hi-Street(a), 2-0:Rock Bar(a), 2-0:Dans(h), 1-2:Scanlons(h)
  Seanie Francis O’Connor (Scarteen Stud) 25 (11) 2-1:Scullys(a), 2-0:Hi-Street(h), 2-0:Scanlons(a), 2-0:Rock Bar(h), 2-0:Scullys(h), 2-0:Hi-Street(a), 2-0:Rock Bar(a), 1-2:Dans(h), 2-1:Park Bar(a), 2-1:Scanlons(h)
8 Patrick Angland (Scullys) 24 (11) 1-2:Scarteen Stud(h), 2-1:Hi-Street(a), 2-0:Scanlons(h), 2-0:Rock Bar(a), 2-0:Park Bar(h), 2-1:Scarteen Stud(a), 2-0:Hi-Street(h), 1-2:Scanlons(a), 2-0:Park Bar(a), 2-0:Dans(a)
9 Mark O’Sullivan (Scanlons) 23 (12) 2-1:Hi-Street(h), 2-1:Dans(a), 2-0:Scullys(a), 2-0:Rock Bar(h), 2-0:Hi-Street(a), 2-1:Dans(h), 2-0:Scullys(h), 2-0:Rock Bar(a), 2-1:Scarteen Stud(a)
  Mike O’Connor (Park Bar) 23 (10) 2-0:Rock Bar(a), 1-2:Scanlons(h), 2-0:Hi-Street(h), 2-1:Scarteen Stud(a), 2-1:Dans(a), 2-0:Rock Bar(h), 2-1:Scanlons(a), 2-1:Scullys(h), 2-1:Scarteen Stud(h), 2-0:Dans(h)
  Tom O’Connor (Park Bar) 23 (11) 2-1:Rock Bar(a), 2-1:Scanlons(h), 2-1:Hi-Street(h), 2-1:Scarteen Stud(a), 2-0:Dans(a), 2-1:Scullys(a), 2-1:Rock Bar(h), 2-1:Scanlons(a), 2-0:Scarteen Stud(h), 2-0:Hi-Street(a)
12 Allan Dugdale (Hi-Street) 22 (12) 2-1:Scanlons(a), 2-0:Scullys(h), 2-0:Scarteen Stud(a), 1-2:Park Bar(a), 2-1:Dans(h), 2-1:Scanlons(h), 2-0:Scullys(a), 2-0:Scarteen Stud(h), 1-2:Dans(a), 2-1:Rock Bar(a)
13 John Doody (Scanlons) 21 (10) 2-0:Hi-Street(h), 2-1:Park Bar(a), 2-0:Rock Bar(h), 2-1:Scarteen Stud(h), 2-0:Hi-Street(a), 2-1:Park Bar(h), 2-1:Scullys(h), 2-0:Rock Bar(a), 1-2:Scarteen Stud(a)
  Mike Kennedy (Park Bar) 21 (10) 2-0:Rock Bar(a), 2-0:Scanlons(h), 2-0:Scarteen Stud(a), 2-0:Dans(a), 2-0:Rock Bar(h), 1-2:Scullys(h), 1-2:Scarteen Stud(h), 1-2:Dans(h), 2-0:Hi-Street(a)
15 Andy Hourigan (Dans) 20 (11) 2-0:Rock Bar(h), 1-2:Scanlons(h), 1-2:Scullys(a), 2-1:Scarteen Stud(h), 2-0:Hi-Street(a), 2-1:Rock Bar(a), 1-2:Scanlons(a), 2-0:Scarteen Stud(a), 2-1:Hi-Street(h), 2-1:Park Bar(a)
16 Colin O’Sullivan (Scarteen Stud) 19 (11) 2-0:Hi-Street(h), 1-2:Dans(a), 2-0:Scanlons(a), 2-0:Rock Bar(h), 1-2:Scullys(h), 1-2:Hi-Street(a), 2-1:Rock Bar(a), 2-1:Dans(h), 2-0:Scanlons(h)
  1. A team is awarded 2pts for a win and 1pt bonus for a 4-5 loss. Teams on the same points total are separated by games difference.

  2. High finishes scored during the cup and league knockout stages are not counted. Although the highest finish wins the title, all finishes over 100 are recorded.

  3. 180s scored during the cup and league knockout stages are not counted.

  4. The table shows the top 16 and ties. A player is awarded 1pt for a 1-2 loss, 2pts for a 2-1 win and 3pts for a 2-0 win in league singles games.